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Fur Real Friends Biscuit My Lovin Pup

Fur Real Friends Biscuit My Lovin Pup
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  • Brand:Hasbro
  • Category:Toy
  • Buy New: $799.99
  • as of 9/30/2016 14:52 UTC details
In Stock
New (1) Collectible (6) from $299.95
  • Seller:Scout's Honor
  • Sales Rank:315,564
  • Color:Beige
  • Age:5 - 8 years
  • Size:large
  • Shipping Weight (lbs):11.55
  • Dimensions (in):14.8 x 19.8 x 24.5
  • Legal Disclaimer:BRAND NEW- MUST READ. This dog was removed from its box for display. Dog is still on cardboard base with ALL accessories contents still packaged on cardboard. THIS ITEM IS BRAND NEW BUT BEING SOLD AS OPEN. ADOPTION PAPERS INCLUDED WHICH ARE UNUSED. Biscuit will be reboxed and packed into original box and filled with packing peanuts for maximum shipping protection. THIS ITEM WILL NOT SHIP OUTSIDE THE USA AS IT IS TOO BIG. SOLD AS IS.
  • Release Date:September 7, 2008
  • MPN:77698
  • Model:77698
  • UPC:653569328889
  • EAN:0653569328889
  • ASIN:B00160JSNI
Availability:Usually ships in 1-2 business days

  • Playtime is going to the dogs and this playful pooch is leading the charge
  • Tell your furry friend to give you his paw and he'll raise his right or left paw ask him if he wants a treat
  • Biscuit my lovin pup pet will even shake at your command, lifting his paw to your hand or sit up and beg, just like a real pup
  • Biscuit my lovin’ pup pet wags his tail and barks, too, to let you know he’s ready to play
  • Use the special adoption certificate to register your pet online and ensure that you and this adorable pup will be friends forever
  • The lovable mutt features voice recognition, obeying six commands, including Sit, Speak and Lie down
  • Pup pet comes with collar, tag, brush, dog, bone and adoption certificate
  • And he'll nod and whimper to let you know he's ready for his dog and bone

Editorial Reviews:
This ultra-realistic FurReal pup is the perfect first pet for any little girl or boy. Biscuit responds to you and obeys six different commands: sit, lie down, sit up, beg and speak. He'll also give you a paw when you ask if he wants a treat. Biscuit's soft, cuddly fur and puppy-dog eyes will instantly win you over. Sitting pup measures 21" tall. Requires six "D" batteries, not included.
Get ready to welcome a fun-loving furry friend into your house when you adopt Biscuit My Lovin Pup, one of the FurReal Friends by Hasbro. This oversized puppy responds to affectionate touches, voice commands, and motion with playful barks and realistic movements. Kids aged five and up are sure to love having a puppy of their very own.

Biscuit uses sensors to respond to your child's voice and touch. View larger.

With his large size and soft fur, Biscuit is an instant favorite. View larger.
What We Think

Fun Factor:


(what this means)

The Good: Soft, life-like plush pup responds to voice commands

The Bad: Large size makes him tough to carry

In a Nutshell: Biscuit is a fun, lovable addition to the family
At a Glance

Ages: 5 and up
Requires: 6 D batteries
Make a New Friend
This oversized plush puppy has a soft coat and glossy, pleading eyes, just like a real dog. Get ready to start interpreting three different barks and a whole range of movements that are playful and affectionate. With a real collar, a bone-shaped treat to share, and a brush for smoothing out his silky fur, Biscuit is ready to settle into your house. He'll quickly start wagging his tail and making happy puppy noises. An adoption certificate is included to make kids feel like real pet owners.

Before Biscuit is ready for a fun day with your child, an adult will need to use a Philips head screwdriver to install six "D" cell batteries (not included). The battery compartment is neatly hidden behind a Velcro closure on the pup's stomach.

Getting to Know Your Puppy
Nine sensors allow Biscuit to respond when you pet him or issue a voice command. Kids will enjoy the contented sounds he makes when they pet his back and the discovery that if they hold a hand on his back he will lay down, if he is sitting, or sit up, if he is already laying down. Sensors in his nose and mouth prompt him to sniff when his nose is petted or chomp on his treat. Touch his left paw, and he will raise it to shake. A unique photo sensor in Biscuit's forehead prompts him to flinch, blink, or sneeze when you wave something in front of him.

Take a peek at the back of the bone-shaped tag on his collar to see all the commands he knows. You can ask him to "sit," "lie down," or "speak." He even knows how to shake and will nod or move his paws in excitement when you ask, "Do you want a treat?" Like any voice recognition technology, Biscuit can be tricked by background noise or speech that is unclear. You may want to help younger children practice speaking the commands loudly, clearly, and distinctly, so they are not disappointed by his confusion.

Playing Options
Based on how much attention you are paying to him, Biscuit cycles through different modes. After a few moments of non-activation, Biscuit enters hangout mode. In this mode, he will move his head a little, whine, or bark to grab your attention. After a few minutes in hangout mode, he'll lay down and go to sleep. Thanks to his photo sensor, he will go to sleep faster in a darkened room. If the lights suddenly come on when he's been asleep in a dark room, he'll lift his head and make a mumbling noise.

While the noises he makes when moving betray his mechanical nature, this playful pup has an incredibly realistic look that is sure to have kids grooming him, offering him snacks, and engaging in imaginative play. With so many life-like responses and an irresistible puppy face, Biscuit really lived up to our expectations. His large size coupled with the weight of six "D" batteries could make it tricky for children to carry him around or travel with him, which means that when you head off on family adventures, he'll probably have to stay home, the same way a real dog often does.

What's in the Box
Plush pup, collar, tag, plastic brush, plastic bone, and adoption certificate.

In Stock
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