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Canine Trauma

1999 Pacific Northwest Regional Conformation Show and Breed Survey

Moc Klinkam

This year's truly classic event was hosted at Maltby Park in Maltby, Washington by the Greater Seattle Working Dog Association. Club President Phil Skoog and his energetic crew of clubmembers worked hard for months to plan and host a three-day breed survey, trial, and conformation show that has clearly set the standard for all future events in the Pacific Northwest Region.

From the beautiful, full-color catalog to the elegant Judge's Dinner at the Lake Washington Tap Room and Grill, the hosting club at each opportunity extended impressive graciousness and hospitality that was greatly appreciated by all attendees at the weekend events. Judges Jakobtorweihen, Norda, and Grewes repeatedly commented about the extraordinary organization and skillful event management that made this year's annual Conformation Show an enjoyable experience for all in attendance.

A number of young dogs demonstrated satisfactory obedience and temperament testing on Saturday morning and were granted their Bh degrees under SV Judge Arnold Jakobtorweihen. Congratulations to SchH3 High In Trial Team Dane Lyons and Oran vom Lowenhaus SchH3 Kkl1. This team turned in an excellent track with a score of 98 points on an unseasonably hot and humid, predominantly overcast early June day. Oran's successful trial showing was prefaced by his achievement of Kkl1 under Koermeister Bernard Norda at the Breed Survey on Friday.

The Conformation Show on Sunday began at 9AM with much cooler weather and a rain drop or two. The refreshingly cool morning temperatures gave way later in the day to another unseasonably warm and sunny day in the 80s. Thankfully, a light breeze helped to intermittently cool the dogs and the handlers later in the afternoon. Starting with the Baby Puppy Classes and progressing through the day to the Progeny and Kennel Groups, the intense action in the ring abated only for an excellent gourmet grilled lunch served with flair by our hosts.

Special Mention

This year's regional show featured one of the most impressive and proficient examples of handling seen in the show ring at any regional or national level. Miss Sara Green handled four dogs on Saturday, achieving VP1 in the Junior Puppy Class Females 6-8 Months; SG2 in the Youth Class Females 12-18 Months; V2 in the Veteran Class Females; and, last but most definitely not least, cinching V1 in the Working Class Adult Females.

Miss Green's composure, unflagging energy, impressive handling skills, and consistently confident navigation around the ring in the company of highly seasoned veterans demonstrated that this was a handler with years of experience behind her. In fact, this was her first experience in the SV-style conformation ring. A remarkable accomplishment for this up-and-coming, twelve-year old young lady with a remarkably bright future showing the German Shepherd Dog at its very best. Well done, Sara!

Class Highlights

(Preliminary, pending official show results)

  • Baby Puppy Class Females 3-6 Months: VP1 Kia von Darconburg
  • Baby Puppy Class Males 3-6 Months: VP1 Cassan von Waldberg
  • Junior Puppy Class Females 6-9 Months: VP1 Gretta vom Koenig des Nordens
  • Junior Puppy Class Males 6-9 Months: VP1 Phax von Schneider
  • Senior Puppy Class Females 9-12 Months: VP1 Winke von Waldberg
  • Senior Puppy Class Males 9-12 Months: VP1 Wennie von Waldberg
  • Youth Class Females 12-18 Months: SG1 Von Waldberg's Pashka
  • Youth Class Males 12-18 Months: SG1 Von Waldberg's Quecksilber
  • Young Dog Class Females 18-24 Months: SG1 Nana de Marne la Vallee
  • Young Dog Class Males 18-24 Months: SG1 Quex vom Larchenhain
  • Adult Class Females (w/o title): SG1 Jana von Schneider
  • Adult Class Males (w/o title): SG1 Maiko de Marne la Vallee
  • Veteran Class Females: V1 Ginger vom Sunland
  • Vetern Class Males: V1 Flory von der Hansalinie
  • Working Class Adult Females (w/ title): V1 Moni vom St. Leoner See
  • Working Class Adult Males (w/ title): Filou vom Cellerland
  • Kennel Group: Von Waldberg

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