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Dog Den 2™/Super Den 3 ™ FAQ

  • Q. Why was the original Dog Den discontinued?
  • A. Although the Dog Den was very popular we had great difficulty in controlling shipping damage to the product. No matter what we did the corners and edges were often dented or bent when shipped with UPS. Because of the losses we incurred, we decided to replace the Dog Den with a new model, the Circle Den.

  • Q. Why have you decided to make another Dog Den style doghouse?
  • A. Everyday we receive pleas to build Dog Dens. Based on the obvious interest shown in the product we decided to redesign the Dog Den to withstand shipping damage.

  • Q. Will the "Dog Den 2" ship better than the original Den?
  • A. Yes. Three of the corners have been replaced with 4 inch radii. Therefore, when the box is dropped on it's corner there is nothing to bend. Also, the new Den is lighter and has a plastic exterior wall that will not permanently bend when dropped.

  • Q. Have you added any improvements to the new product?
  • A. Several. We have doubled the amount of insulation in the ceiling, increased the wall and floor insulation by 50% and made it lighter. A heated ceiling option is offered, and an exclusive adjustable vent system has been added. The exterior wall is ultra-violet ray resistant and makes for a cooler interior in summer. Fewer parts are involved in assembly due to the foam sandwich wall construction. Rope handles are also provided for easy movement.

  • Q. Will the Dog Den 2 keep my dog warm?
  • A. No other manufacturer makes a warmer doghouse. Our closest competitor uses only ¾ foam insulation in the ceiling and walls, and none in the floor. By replacing corners with radii much wasted space is eliminated, wasted space that your dog could not use but had to heat. If the customer wants something even warmer we can include a  heater for only $39.95 more.

  • Q. How does the Dog Den 2 perform in direct summer sun?
  • A. Very well! With the door assembly in the locked open position and the vent fully open, interior temperatures stay within 2 degrees of ambient shade temperature.

  • Q. Is the Dog Den 2 vented?
  • A. A sliding door allows up to 40 square inches of ventilation area and works great for summer cooling. It is the largest vent in the industry and is not required in cold weather.

  • Q. What are the dimensions of the Dog Den 2 and the Super Den 3?
  • A. Dog Den 2 measures 34 " long x 22 " wide x 22 " tall. The Super Den 3 is 34 " long x 34 " wide x 24 " tall.

  • Q. Why is your door better than flaps or other doors?
  • A. Flaps are chewable and seldom last more than a few days. Moreover, they actually channel rain inside a doghouse and they can not be locked open to provide shade and additional rain protection. Although some doors seal tighter, they don't provide a rain shield, can not be locked open without modification, and just like flaps, channel rain water into the dog house. The Kennel Door stops rain, locks open for superior rain protection and channels rain away from the interior. The Kennel Door is standard equipment with the Dog Den 2. You pay extra to add a door to any other manufactured doghouse. In ten years and with more than 50,000 Kennel doors in use, not one has been returned due to chewing.

  • Q. What is involved in completing the 90% assembled Dog Den 2?
  • A. The door assembly must be attached with ten bolts, nuts, and lock washers. Wood skids must also be attached to the floor. All the necessary fasteners are included.

  • Q. How much assembly is required in assembling the Dog Den 2.
  • A. It all depends upon your ability to follow instructions. An electric drill, 1/8 and 3/8 inch drill bit, pliers, utility knife, and pop rivet tool are required. Two hours or less of assembly time is very realistic.

  • Q. Can I wash the Dog Den 2?
  • A. The "Dog Den 2" is completely washable and dries out in a matter of minutes. The floor is vented to allow water to drain from it. It's also easy to disinfect.

  • Q. Does the Dog Den 2 sweat in cold weather?
  • A. No! Frost or condensation will form on the door but the walls, floor, and ceiling remain free of moisture.

  • Q. Can the lid be blown off in heavy wind?
  • A. I suppose it's possible, if the wind velocity is very high. However, the lid is secured by two spring latches and has survived wind gusts of 60 MPH during thunder storms at our factory in Nebraska.

  • Q. How deep is the door lip or barrier?
  • A. The lip or door barrier is four inches high and retains bedding inside very well.

  • Q. What is the wall made of?
  • A. The core of the wall is a flexible ¾ inch thick insulating foam that is sandwiched between two layers of 1/16 inch recycled plastic. The exterior wall is treated to withstand ultra-violet rays and will last for years.

  • Q. How big of a dog can use the Dog Den 2?
  • A. The two dogs you see in the advertisement weigh 70 and 90 pounds. Both are shown inside in the top right photo, a tight fit, but it shows that a really large dog fits nicely in the Dog Den 2. The perfect size doghouse allows enough room for a dog to enter, turn around, and curl up. Any area larger than this creates excess space for the dog to heat. Too many people want a doghouse that is far too large for their dog.

  • Q. Does bedding have to be used?
  • A. We strongly recommend the use of high quality hay for bedding in cold climates. In warmer climes rubber and grass mats work well. Your dog will remain warm on the floor regardless if bedding is used as it is insulated with ¾ inch foam. However, loose bedding and mats will give your dogs more cushion and comfort.

  • Q. Is the Circle Den or Dog Den 2 the better choice for my dog?
  • A. It depends mostly on personal preference. Both units provide excellent shelter and are constructed of like materials. Overall performance is the same with the Circle Den being somewhat larger than the Dog Den 2. The determining factor is usually the way in which one's kennel is constructed. In some kennel layouts rectangular may be best while in others round may be the best choice.

    Q. Is the heater and electrical cord protected from chewing?
  • A. The cord is protected by flexible aluminum conduit and the heater is surrounded by a steel cage of our manufacture

  • What is covered in your five year guarantee?
    A.  We will replace any part that fails due to chewing or defect.  Customers are responsible for the cost of shipping, or can pick it up at our factory without cost.  The hinge bushings are not covered as their wear depends on the amount of use.  We replace these at the nominal cost of  $2.00 postpaid for four bushings, and 25 cents for each additional bushing.  Regular lubrication with grease will extend the life of the bushing considerably.
    Damage due to Urine is not covered under warranty.

Dog Den 2™ - $214.95 + $60.00 Shipping in the continental US.

Super Den 3 ™ - $249.95 + $65.00 Shipping in the continental US

Click Here to Order

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