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Canine Trauma

Bundessiegerzuchtschau 1997

Reported by Vicky Janicki

Adult Working Males (Judge P. Messler)

  • VA 1 Lasso vom Neuen Berg - Herr Kurt Maier, Oppenweiler. VA1 Lasso v. Neuen Berg (Folemarken's Jasso x Eike Neuen Berg) Lasso was the USA Sieger this year. Last year at the German Sieger show, he was VA3. The Mark Haus Beck line continues to be a prominent sire line. (German Sieger Kimon v. Dan Alhedy's Hoeve is a Mark Haus Beck son).
  • VA 2 Karly von Arminius - Herr Martin Gobl, Wildsteig. VA2 Karly v. Arminius (Kimon Dan Alhedy's Hoeve x Marit Wildsteiger Land) Karly has been a top placing show dog from early on. He was the Junghund class winner in '93. He placed V7 '94, VA8 '95 and VA4 '96.
  • VA 3 Cash vom Wildsteiger Land - Herr Konrad Sigmund, Neckargerach. VA3 Cash Wildsteiger Land (Jack Trienzbachtal x Belli Wildsteiger Land) Cash is the dog always knocking at the Sieger title. He was VA6 '94, VA3 '95, and VA2 '96. It is quite a testament to his producing capabilities to be in the VA group so often where the progeny groups are usually the difference between a VA and a V.
  • VA 4 Natz vom Steigerhof - Herr Arild Johannesen, Norway. VA4 Natz v. Steigerhof (Nutz Monchberg x Paola Murrenhutte) Natz was VA9 '95 and VA7 in '96.
  • VA 5 Xano Shanto's - Frau Mady De Waard, NL-Roosendaal. VA5 Shanto's Xano (Flick Arlett x Romy Huize Hintdonk) Xano is a young dog who moved up from VA9 last year.
  • VA 6 Jumbo v.d. Dolomiten - Herr Heinrich Gasser, I-Vintl-Vandoi. VA6 Jumbo v.d Dolomiten (Lasso Neuen Berg x Mady Dolomiten) A Lasso son, Jumbo was V2 last year without a progeny group.
  • VA 7 Rikkor von Bad-Boll - Herr Hans-Peter Rieker, Aichelberg. VA7 Rikkor v. Bad-Boll (Ulk Arlett x Heela Wutachtal) The Junghund Sieger from last year vaults into a VA rating.
  • VA 8 Odin vom Hirschel - Herr Thomas Ditscher, Bann. VA8 Odin Hirschel (Nero Hirschel x Candie Wienerau) Odin was SG2 in the Jugend class last year. I believe his mother is now in the US.
  • VA 9 Leif von der Noriswand - Herr Ernst Rueckert, Aschaffenburg. VA9 Leif v.d. Noriswand (Hasso Wienerau x Marit Noriswand) Leif placed 2nd to Rikkor last year and follows him into the VA ranks. He is a grandson of Jello Wienerau.
  • VA 10 Scott v. Deodatus - Frau Pia Ripplinger, Waghausel. VA10 Scott v. Deodatus (Gustl Wildsteiger Land x Kenti Farbenspiel) Scott was V4 last year also without a progeny group.

Adult Working Females (Judge P. Messler)

  • VA1 Connie vom Farbenspiel - VA-1 Connie v. Farbenspiel (Eros Luisenstrasse x Daggi Farbenspiel). The Siegerin, a daughter of German Sieger show V1 Eros, was VA3 '96 and SG4 in the Jungend class in '95.
  • VA2 Anschy von der Magistrale - VA2 Anschy v.d Magistrale (Karly Arminius x Panja Wildsteiger Land) With two VA daughters, Karly's VA credentials were boosted this year. Anschy was SG13 in the '96 Junghund class.
  • VA3 Holly vom Fichtenschlag - VA3 Holly v. Fichtenschlag (Cash Wildsteiger Land x Linda Wildsteiger Land) Holly was VA5 '96 and SG17 in the Junghund class '95.
  • VA4 Jade von Blue Rose - VA4 Jade v. Blue Rose (Lasso Neuen Berg x Nathalie Wienerau) With her pedigree (sired by the '97 Sieger out of the '95 Siegerin), Jade had the bloodlines to become a VA dog. She was the Vice Siegerin in the Junghund class '96.
  • VA5 Randa vom Fiemereck - VA5 Randa v. Fiemereck (Lasso Neuen Berg x Vienchen Bewie). Randa repeats her VA performance (VA8 '96). In '95 she was SG3 in the Jungend class.
  • VA6 Biene Bauernfreund - VA6 Biene Bauernfreund (Nilo Adeloga x Silva Bauernfreund) With some moderate searching was unable to find any previous Sieger show participation. May be based outside of Germany?
  • VA7 Nadja am Seeteich - VA7 Nadja am Seeteich (Tony Wienerau x Kena Seeteich). Nadja was V7 last year with the strong admonition of poor physical condition. In '96 she was placed up with the VA dogs after the stand examination. Her condition dropped her back. This year her connections must have fixed that hole. Nadja was V18 '95.
  • VA8 Ginger von Blickfeuer - VA8 Ginger v. Blickfeuer (?) Another dog I was unable to find information on. May be a Dutch based dog?
  • VA9 Kerrie vom Lechtal - VA9 Kerrie Lechtal (Vax Dolomiten x Xena Lechtal) Kerri is a VA veteran with a VA4 '96 and VA3 '95.
  • VA10 Jasmin von der Zenteiche - VA10 Jasmin vd Zenteich (Largo Breidenbacher Schloss (Xanto Grauen son) x Fanta Zenteiche (Nilo Adeloga daughter)). Another dog who doesn't appear in previous Sieger shows.
  • VA11 Unsa vom Hasenborn - VA11 Unsa Hasenborn (Ex Felsenwehr x Widia Hasenborn). Just 2 1/2 years old, this appears to also be her first Sieger show appearance. Her father, Ex, is presently in the US.
  • VA12 Fygi x Alexyrvo Hof - VA12 Fygi x Alexyrvo Hof (Karly Arminius x Xela Alexyrvo Hof) Fygi was SG7 in the Jungend class in '95.

Complete results of the Bundessiegerzuchtschau 1997 can be found on the Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde (SV) web site.

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