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Lists and Chats About Working Dogs

Internet Chat Rooms A variety of chat rooms on the Internet are devoted to discussions about working dogs. If you have a modem and access to the Internet, you can join in seven days a week, 24 hours a day! Meet other working dog enthusiasts from around the world and discuss breeding, training, working, health -- anything goes on Internet chat.

  • Working Dogs International Forum delivers global interactivity to sporting and working dog enthusiasts around the world! Don't let the International Dateline stop you -- meet others in user-friendly, live online chat, any time of day or night, who share your passion for canine training, breeding, competition, and careers of service. No special software required -- if you can access the Internet, you can access Working Dogs Forum.

  • Internet Chat Relay (IRC) - Provides an opportunity to join different IRC "channels" on the Internet. Special software is required. Download mIRC software for PCs or Ircle software for MacIntosh. After installing the software, select the network you wish to access, and enter the identifier for the chat room you wish to join (prefaced with the "#" sign) (or use your IRC software to search for working dog-related chat rooms).

Email Lists

"Open" means anyone can subscribe; "Restricted" means subscribers will be approved by the list owner and/or list members.

  • Working Dogs Update is an online notification service advising of new articles, events, books, breeding opportunities, services, and everything else of interest to readers of, the international sport and working dog cyberzine. Open.

  • DDRGSD-L: The focus of this email list is informal, friendly discussion about East German (DDR) and other European lines and all aspects of the German Shepherd Dog. With the aid of email, we can get together and discuss such things as bloodlines, health and training issues etc. This list is for learning. It is comprised of people from all walks of the German Shepherd world. Some have a lot of knowledge; others have their first dog and tons of questions for those who can help. Bloodline discussions are highly encouraged! Please see the DDRGSD-L web site for subscription information. Restricted.

  • GSD_RAW: A list for German Shepherd Dog owners who have already researched and have started feeding a natural diet to their dog, and want to share their experience and knowledge with like-minded GSD owners and raw feeders. We invite all participants to discuss raw feeding, veterinary concerns,etc. We encourage all GSD Raw feeders to share their knowledge of and experience with GSDs and raw feeding so that we all may learn. There are many lists about raw feeding in general, and we encourage you to apply to those lists as well -- but the discussion on this list should be focused on GSDs. One purpose of this list is to track the long-term effects of rawfeeding in the GSD. Contact List Moderator Susan Shankle for a membership application. Restricted.

  • The Mondioring List is dedicated to the development of this sport in America, and discussions regarding philosophy, training techniques, upcoming events, and other topics will be the main focus of the list. The purpose of the list is to "loosely" unite all of the various and scattered groups and individuals training for Mondioring here in the United States. Mondioring was developed in the mid eighties in Europe by representatives from the major protection sports that existed at that time. IPO, Belgian Ring, KNPV, French Ring and Campagne are all represented in the melting pot that is Mondioring. This is an internationally recognized (FCI) sport, and is both unique and familiar. Listowners are Dianne San Lorenzo and Ann Putegnat. Restricted. Subscription information.

  • Protection-Dogs-L: PROTECTION-DOGS-L is a mailing list dedicated to the discussion of Protection Dog Training. This list is dedicated to professionals, competitors, and hobbyists involved in protection training. Topics to be discussed on the list include Schutzhund, Ring Sport, Personal Protection, Police K-9 and other topics associated with the protection training industry. Subscription information.

  • RING SPORT email list for enthusiasts of French Ring.

  • SCHUTZHUND: To subscribe to the Schutzhund List send the following message to the list server

  • SAR-DOGS The SAR-DOGS email list was formed to facilitate communication between K9 SAR handlers and persons interested in K9 SAR.

  • TGSD-L: The Total German Shepherd Dog List ("TGSD-L") focuses on activities in which we engage with our dogs. New applicants must be referred by current TGSD-L members in good standing, or by list managers of other dog-related lists. International participants discuss Schutzhund, Ring, Agility, SAR, Obedience, Herding, with ongoing contributions about pet ownership, veterinary concerns, training, breeding, and rescue. Members of local, national, and international clubs and organizations share their knowledge of and experience with GSDs so that we all may learn. To subscribe to TGSD-L, send email to the list server with the single word SUBSCRIBE in the subject line or in the body of the email. You'll receive two automated messages in return, one to explain what TGSD-L is all about, and the other a request for referral information and bio. The bio is returned to the List Administrator, who posts it to the list with a copy to the applicant and a request to the list members to comment on the applicant if they wish. The initial subscription is to the digest, but you can change that to regular mail if you choose. Restricted.

  • Working Setters for setters doing the work they were originally bred for.

  • Working Maremma This is a list for breeders and owners of working Maremma, Livestock Guardian Dogs. Please, no discussions of "show dogs" here.

  • Working Pit Bulls This list is for the exchange of information regarding "Working American Pit Bull / Staffordshire Terriers". This includes French Ring Sport, Schutzhund, Weight Pull, Agility, N.A.P.D., K.N.P.V., American Street Ring, Mondio Ring, and obedience. All are welcome, beginners to expert.

  • Working Rottweilers

  • Working Anatolians For specifically working Anatolian Shepherds as livestock guardian dogs...discussion on keeping these large breeds, livestock guarding duties, training, etc. -- all topics regarding WORKING dogs.

  • EMAIL LIST FAQs: The Complete List of Dog-Related Email Lists is produced by Cindy Tittle Moore. This is a comprehensive list of email lists related to a wide variety of dog-related interests and issues. Includes an informative introduction to email lists and helpful instructions for subscribing.

  • Everything Email features extensive links to help you find mailing lists of interest and instructions for subscribing to them.

  • NetVet's directory of Veterinary and Animal Mailing Lists.

Bulletin Boards

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