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Canine Trauma

{short description of image}Working Dogs First Aid Kits are now available!
Fred Forrest

Doctor Acker discontinued the Advanced First Aid Kit, however to fill the need for a reasonably priced comprehensive K-9 Trauma kit, Working Dogs Outfitter is happy to announce the Working Dogs line of K-9 First Aid kits!

We got feedback from our customers who had purchased the Advanced Kit, and set out to put together the most comprehensive kit possible that would fill the need of the professional K-9 handler, sportspeople, and active family's who travel with their pets.

We designed our new kits from the ground up, one area that many people commented on was that they would prefer a better bag that was more water and dust resistant than the mesh bag that the Advanced Kit was packaged in. So we are putting the Working Dogs Complete Kits in a bag that is like a mini-EMT bag and can be either carried by the handle, or you can use the shoulder strap we also provide with it. This new bag is larger, allowing us to pack the kit with more products and is also available in several colors, so if a tactical unit wants Black colored kits, or a SAR unit wants Red colored kits, we have them! All of the 1st Aid Supplies except for a few animal specific items i.e. the PetSkope or EMT Gel are human quality products, so it also doubles as a kit for you.

Standard with all of our kits, we include quick reference care cards that include various types of Gun Shot wounds and CPR. In addition to those you can optionally order our deluxe kit which includes Dr. Ackers book "Field Guide to Dog First Aid" which covers many advanced topics, and we give you a choice of video's either "Emergency First Aid for Dogs" or Dr. Acker's "Advanced Canine First Aid" we also have an option where you can get both tapes and the book. We do recommend that everyone start with the "Emergency First Aid for Dogs" tape, it covers the broadest range of injuries and is used by many K-9 units as well as Canine First Aid instructors.

One of the things we thought about in designing our kit, is the need to provide items for ongoing diagnostics and maintenance and treating minor injuries as well as the trauma events. So we packed it with things like the PetSkope, which is handy for looking in ears for mites or other problems as well as searching through thick coated dogs for ticks or other problems. The PetSkope includes a couple different sized cones to adapt to various breeds and circumstances. We also looked long and hard at various Tick Removal systems, and to be quite honest used our densely coated German Shepherds as a benchmark to determine which to include. The thick undercoat on a GSD made it difficult to use the little scoop style tick removers that are common, so we eventually found the Trix Tick Removal Tool manufactured in Sweden and that is what we include with every kit. I might add that the Trix tool is also good to use on humans and all other animals. We also include splinter tweezers as well as stainless steel forceps for removing things like fishhooks etc. We still include a skin stapler, although consider its use as a last resort if you can not get to a vet.

We include many medications to cover everything from allergic reactions to wound care and also include a tube of EMT Gel which is a collegen based gel that promotes rapid healing of everything from burns to cuts as well as protecting from infection.

The Book:

The book is easy to navigate, provides accurate information, and does not waste a lot of your time delving through fluff that does not help solve your dogs problem. It coveres 100+ emergency first aid topics including Allergies, Bleeding/Lacerations, Breathing Problems, Collapse and Weakness, Drowning, Foot and Pad injuries, Gunshot wounds, Hypothermia/Frostbite, Poisons, Snakebite, Vomiting, Insect and Animal Pests, Fractured and Dislocate Bones, Burns/Scalding, Diarrhea, Fish Hook injuries, Heat Stroke, Lameness, Shock, Stomach Torsion, Disabling Head and Leg Traps, and more. There is even a dosage chart in the back of the book for common over the counter drugs and what the side effects are for them so you are aware of how to use the medications provided with the kit.

The book is written in a manner that assumes you may be out in the field and not be able to immediately access your veterinarian, with the goal to provide the best chance of survival for your canine partner. It even covers stapling open wounds to minimize infection and bleeding. It also is geared toward keeping your dog operational whenever possible so you can complete what you are doing and be able to walk back to your vehicle.

The Emergency First Aid for Dogs Video Tape:
"Emergency First Aid for Dogs" sets the standard for dog first aid in that it demonstrates how to do critical functions like CPR, gunshot wound care, transporting an injured dog, poisoning, and many other topics. Even if you can't afford the complete First Aid kit, you should at a minimum purchase this tape. It is utilized by many professional organizations to train handlers.

The Advanced First Aid Video Tape:
"Advanced Canine First Aid for Sporting and Outdoor Dogs" really goes hand in hand with the First Aid book. The video shows the practical application of things like splints and bandages, administering medication for various problems, and how to properly use first aid equipment on your dog. The tape is around 1 hour long and covers a lot of ground in a thorough easily understood manner.

If you are serious about your Working Dogs emergency care, you can't afford to be without the Working Dogs Complete First Aid Kits.

You can price these products and purchase them by clicking here.

This 1st Aid kit if utilized correctly can help afford you temporary emergency care for your canine. The kit is not designed nor should it be used as a substitute for professional veterinary care, advice or treatment. disclaims any responsibility or liability for any loss that may occur as a result of the use of this kit.

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