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Welcome to the 1999 USA Schutzhund and Police Championship!
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All photos Copyright 1999 Moc Klinkam; all rights reserved. Reprint rights for private use are available for a donation of $5.00 to the Northwestern Region K9 Fund. Please contact Moc Klinkam to request digital photo files for licensed reproduction.

Deepest gratitude goes to MARK HAMILTON of FEATHER RIVER SCHUTZHUND CLUB in Marysville, California for graciously providing digital camera equipment and technical assistance; and to TIM BURKE of BLUE TAHOE SCHUTZHUND CLUB in Reno, Nevada for providing digital equipment and computer resources and assistance. They helped make live event coverage possible, and their generosity and continued support throughout the event reflected the friendly spirit and warm congeniality extended by all of the Northwestern Region event staff. What a super crew!


Schutzhund 3 National Champions (L to R): 3rd Place Steve Robinson and Masa; 1st Place Al Banuelos and Lestat; 2nd Place Rod Tompkins and Enzo. Copyright 1999 Moc Klinkam, all rights reserved.