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Canine Trauma

Working Dogs Book Store carries the most popular books and videos about breeding, whelping, and early puppy development.

What's New in the Year 2000

This page contains the list of new articles and features added to Working Dogs Cyberzine this year.

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You may also visit our Main Articles Archive, the master index that includes the best of the articles featured on Working Dogs Cyberzine since 1996.



  • April 2000 heralds the Mondioring event of the year in Washington State. UBSDA (United Belgian Shepherd Dog Association) and USMRA (United States Mondioring Assoc.) join forces to bring together a large contingency of working dogs at the 2000 IPO/Mondioring National Championships.

  • Attorney Steve Skacevic summarizes the federal law that may protect your guide dog from a "No Pets" policy.

  • Announcing the Working Dogs International Forum delivering global interactivity to sporting and working dog enthusiasts around the world! Meet others right now who share your passion for selection, training, breeding, competition, and careers of service.

  • Susan G. Wynn DVM discusses complementary, holistic approaches to Total Cancer Management in Small Animals. Dr. Wynn shares why cancer management depends on many different things, including the general health of the animal, the environment, and the ability of the owner to follow through.

  • Breeder Coreen Kitto offers her suggestions for identifying and remedying Pectus Excavatum or "Swimmer Puppy." This puzzling condition can affect a pup of any breed, and without timely intervention is typically fatal.

  • R.M. Clemmons, DVM, PhD, Associate Professor of Neurology & Neurosurgery, Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences at the University of Florida, addresses the Integrative Treatment of Cancer in Dogs. Dr. Clemmons explains why he believes the answer to cancer lies in the dog's immune system.

  • University of Florida Veterinary School's Canine Vitamin Advisor automatically calculates and suggests the vitamin and herbal supplement dosage for your dog's age, weight, sex, and living environment.

  • The International Weight Pulling Association offers competitive opportunities for the weight pulling working breeds. Read all about a typical Snow Pull in the depths of winter.

  • In today's Army, the Military Working Dog ("MWD") plays a greater role than ever before. Sgt. 1st Class Tammy L. Quirin spotlights the Military Working Dogs: The Army's 4-Footed MP and shares the history of this remarkable soldier trained to detect mines and tunnels during WWII, act as an early warning system for ambushes in Vietnam, and provide invaluable support in every war and peacekeeping mission since.

  • Know the symptoms of torsion and bloat and what to do in a life and death emergency. First Aid for Bloat is written by Great Dane enthusiasts but has application to all breeds with a tendency to bloat.


  • Proper selection of the right dog is but the first of many challenges encountered by working police dog trainers. In his article Early Life Management for the Tracking Dog, Police K9 Master Trainer Tim Tieken summarizes proper selection of the right dog and details successful strategies for preparing the young dog for future tracking success.

  • In his newest contribution to the archive of articles for the sporting and working dog, Dr. Henry De Boer Jr. discusses Managing the Working Female During Pregnancy. Learn how to maintain your sporting or working female in good condition and ensure a safe, uneventful pregnancy.

  • Use of oral supplementation to help manage arthritis has demonstrably risen in recent years. In yet another contribution by canine sports medicine specialist Dr. Henry De Boer Jr., he addresses the increased wear and tear on the joints of sporting and working canines and shares current information about Chondroprotective Supplementation for the Working Dog.

  • Working Dogs Forum schedule of live chat events grows with the addition of foundation tracking with Guest Speaker Tim Tieken; weight pulling with Teressa Kennan; and canine nutrition and digestion with animal nutritionist Nancy Sutton.

  • Weight pulling championship team leader Teressa Keenan enlightens us about the exciting sport of weight pulling and spotlights why Australian Cattle Dogs Excel in this sport of strength and endurance.

  • Dr. Catherine Priddle DVM summarizes Aortic Stenosis, the third most prevalent congenital cardiac disorder in the dog. She shares helpful information about testing and diagnosing affected dogs, determining an accurate prognosis, and the OFA Heart Certification program.

  • American Rescue Dog Association (ARDA) features the exhaustive research conducted by Virginia Search and Rescue Dog Association to determine methods of dog alerts, scent behaviors and training methods. Read the results in their research report Utilizing Air-Scenting Search Dogs to Locate Drowning Victims.

  • Suzanne Clothier, well-known author of a number of training books, collaborates with Veterinarian Sue Ann Lesser in their popular resource manual for healing the injured sporting or working dog, Physical Therapy for the Canine Athlete.

  • USA 2000 Sieger Show placements.

  • Pulling man and equipment 1200 miles across Alaska at over 100 miles a day, winner Doug Swingley arrived March 14 in a record-breaking 9 days. Cabela's Iditarod features highlights of the grueling excitement of this year's Iditarod 2000 sled race through the Alaskan frontier. Find the latest race updates on the Iditarod 2000 web site.

  • Dr. George M. Strain of Louisiana State University reviews how the dog is tested for hearing ability. He provides a comparison chart demonstrating the differences in hearing frequency ranges in several species in his summary article How Well Do Dogs and Other Animals Hear?

  • Dr. Hank DeBoer, Schutzhund trainer, championship competitor, and nationally recognized sporting and working dog veterinarian, shares his expertise and recommendations for successfully evaluating, treating, and using humane judgment when training the dog affected by canine hip dysplasia.

  • Oregon State University and the US Environmental Protection Agency come together as the National Pesticides Telecommunications Network, providing factual data about commonly used pesticides for consumers. Insecticides often found in flea sprays -- such as Pyrethrins and Pyrethroids -- are profiled in their library of fact sheets with ingredients, recommended applications, and toxicity warnings.

  • From the sale of a puppy to an abusive home, and then resale to a K9 Unit only to be resold to yet another Unit -- a trail of questionable stewardship and training inequities place a career police dog at risk and, ultimately, in early retirement after a $450,000 dog bite settlement. The call for standards in K9 breeding, evaluation, and training increases in volume with Everett, Washington investigative reporter Scott North's incisive piece Hard-bitten.

  • "Canine Freestyle" is a choreographed performance with music, illustrating the training and joyful relationship of a dog and handler team. Alison Jaskiewicz of the Canine Freestyle Federation (CFF) summarizes the Creative Development of Movement. Free yourself from classic obedience routines and explore creative, artistic movement development of Freestyle.

  • University of Florida Oncology Department shares comparative data for radiation, chemotherapy, and amputation treatment protocols and recomendations in Mast Cell Tumor (MCT) Treatment Update 1999.

  • Yofee's Dog Bite Prevention Program online marketing manual assists volunteers to become proficient with this effective bite prevention program. Help children learn potentially life-saving skills with an entertaining and educational program provided by this non-profit group dedicated to dogs fighting drugs and crime.

  • USA protection judge Floyd Wilson and USA Director of Judges Mark Przybylski describe the protection tests used for the 1998 and 2000 USA Sieger Shows


  • The Working Dogs Cyberzine mission of informational excellence continues into a future of even more features and enhanced reader services as new publisher Fred Forrest takes the helm.

  • North American SchH3 and FH Championships April 27-30 online coverage from Austin, Texas.

  • Sensory, Emotional, and Social Development of the Young Dog by Dr. Joël Dehasse, Behaviorist Veterinarian, illuminates the various phases of canine development and how they may be positively influenced. Supplementing his own exhaustive research with that of pioneering canine behaviorists, Dr. Dehasse guides the reader through early canine development and the benchmarks for determining normal progression.

  • Unofficial preliminary results are available online for the 2000 North American Sieger Show sponsored by the AKC GSDCA/WDA (Working Dog Association) in Lexington, Kentucky April 21-23.

  • Veterinary behaviorist Dr. Joël Dehasse theorizes that submission behaviors once assumed to be innate behaviours may well be taught by the mother or another canine adult. With illustrative photos, he demonstrates in The Mother-Puppy Educational Relationship how the mother educates her puppies to submit appropriately and develop the ability to cope with and resolve pack conflict.

  • Results of the FH-2000 Weltcup. Congratulations to John Paver with Orex and their fourth place score of 193! Read John's Training Diary that he maintained while preparing for this grueling world championship tracking competition.

  • Check out the scores for the first US Mondioring Championships held in Washington State on April 7-9, 2000. Congratulations to the new Mondioring Brevet qualifiers and Mondioring 3 Champions Kathleen O'Brien and Brawney Bombadier ot Vitosha!

  • Mattie is a Labrador Retriever and an arson dog. More importantly, she is the world's first arson dog. Read a narrative of her career highlights as she prepared to retire in 1992 in Bill Clede's Arson Dog Retires Before Her Time.

  • Gait analysis and physical examination are two useful diagnostic tools for trainers and veterinarians working with the animal athlete. The Importance of Including Gait Analysis in the Training Regimen by Robert L. Gillette, DVM, MSE discusses some of the challenges presented by the canine athlete when evaluating their performance and drive to perform.

  • Learn how to reduce the risks of anesthesia for scheduled and emergency veterinary surgical procedures in Doreen Kent's Anesthesia on the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club web site. New anesthetics mean dogs are coming out of anesthesia more quickly and more safely; be prepared so they can be used most effectively for your dog.

  • Authors Shirley Greene and Dan Karas share the enlightening results of their focus group on the universal qualities that attract customers to dog trainers -- and keep them there. From flyball to Ring Sport to Schutzhund, clients are seeking respect, continuing education, and flexibility from their trainers. Is your trainer delivering? The authors interviewed both handlers and professional trainers to discover how to evaluate a potential trainer to create a successful training relationship for handler, trainer, and dog in Seeking Mr./Ms. Goodtrainer.

  • On April 4 SDPD K9 Officer Lawrence "Skip" Cahill was acquitted of negligence charges and a possible year in jail and $20,000 fine when the jury deadlocked on the verdict. The 10-year veteran was charged with the death of his K9 of four years service, "CJ". The officer had left CJ in the patrol car in 77-degree weather for 90 minutes with the air conditioning on. Unfortunately, the air conditioning unit failed -- leading to the tragic death of Cahill's beloved K9 partner. The reason for the air conditioning failure: the system was clogged with dog hair.

  • Feeding the Canine Athlete for Optimal Performance by Robert L. Gillette, DVM, MSE helps the competitive handler design the proper nutritional program by defining the type of activity and then the level of activity demanded of the dog.

  • Released April 6, the hottest new working dog title in the country is Dogs With Jobs by the creators of the upcoming thirteen-part television series Dogs with Jobs. Award-winning author Merrily Weisbord and her daughter, veterinarian Kim Kachanoff, have captured the drama, beauty, and sheer determination of working dogs from around the world. Including career dogs in SAR, arson detection, seizure alert, marine detection, and many more, this newest addition to the Working Dogs Book Store is an educational and beautifully uplifting addition to the working and sporting dog enthusiast's library.

  • The RCMP Civilian Search Dog Association shares an informative online resource to help teach your child how to avoid getting lost in the woods, and if the unspeakable happens, how to keep their wits about them and ensure a successful search and rescue if they become Lost in the Woods.

  • Final unofficial scores of the USA 2000 German Shepherd Dog Championship March 31 - April 1, 2000.

  • The Working Dogs Forum features live chats in April for working and sporting dog enthusiasts, including "Building the Foundation for Scentwork" and "Weight Pulling: Sport, Strength, and Endurance."


  • If you travel west of the Mississippi with your dog, you need to read these articles on Foxtail Grass, You could save your dog. These articles should be read by anyone who competed in the recent WDA Nationals in Texas.
    Foxtail Grass Information based on information from Tamara S. Shearer, D.V.M. also Foxtail Grass Article Written by Patty Meade and based on an interview with Doctor Linda Amezcua DVM.
    And finally an article about a disease that your dog can get from a Foxtail entering their body, ACTINOMYCOSIS written by Terry Gosch DVM in San Antonio Texas.


  • Some New Features available to Visitors. This is just the start of what we are going to make available, be sure to check it often as we add things.


  • In a followup business related article for folks in the Dog Business, author Shirley Greene provides us with The Client Complains - Now What?. One of the most concise customer relation articles I have seen.


  • Dr. Henry De Boer, Jr. DVM has provided an article on Leptospirosis. Although Leptospirosis has been known for a long time, it is occuring more frequently nationwide, and particularly worse in AL, GA, MA, MI, NJ, and NY.


  • Author Shirley Greene provides us with another fantastic article Sex and the Single Dog. One of the most humorous pieces I have encountered.


  • 2000 DVG/LV America National Championship Information Page Complete Information on registration, event times, etc.


  • Assistance Dogs Internationals Public Access Test for Service Dogs defines a minimum requirement for assistance dogs. This is not the law, but a good starting point.


  • World Championship for Belgian Shepherds IPO Competition Photos Some excellent pictures of the competition.


  • Heat stroke and overheating in dogs: treatment & prevention An excellent article by Nate Baxter, DVM.
    And from our Archives
    Dr. Henry De Boer Jr. on Heatstroke


  • United States Rottweiler Club Trial Results for the year 2000 as well as historical data.


  • Breeding Program Attains 80% Success Rate Bonnie Bergins program has a phenomenal success!


  • 2000 UDC Nationals Homepage to be held May 27-June 3 2000 in Denver Colorado. Judge: Bill Knox(USA) Seminar: T. Floyd.


  • Check out GSDCA-WDA National Championship & World Qualifier Results to be held May 11-14 2000 in Hutto Texas


  • Save a Life! Learn Animal CPR For the EMS professional as well as pet owner. Easy to follow chart by Lori H. Feldman, DVM and Henry J. Feldman, MA EMT-M . Also features a downloadable printable PDF version.


    Ulf Kintzel's excellent article on breeding for the "Golden Middle" with Herding Dogs. Very informative with good explanations why particular traits are desired.
    Herding Dogs And The Golden Middle


    Dominick Donovan presents this article on The Components of Strong Working Dog Temperament. It breaks down the drives and temperament needed to be a strong Schutzhund competitor.
    The Components of Strong Working Dog Temperament


    The first in a series of interviews done by Yvette Piantadosi with Dominick Donovan. These interviews provide a lot of information on the dogs used in Schutzhund in the 70's and the impact they have on the breed into the 80's and 90's. Dominick has been working in Schutzhund since age 10
    Part 1 of the interview


    Authors Dan Karas and Shirley Greene present Everything You Wanted To Know About Puppies But Just Forgot To Ask. We encourage you to print this out and give a copy to every puppy owner you know, whether in the classes you teach or when you sell pups.
    30 Tips for New Puppy Owners


    Author Shirley Greene provides us with yet another Outstanding Article on Marketing your dog related business. If you want to get ahead, this is a must read.
    How to Profit from the Aging of America


    Sammie Jones and the Bigsky Schutzhund Club presents an outstanding article on the BH routine. A must for anyone planning to attain this title.
    The BH Explained


    A interesting interview where Helmut Raiser discusses Schutzhund and Breeding.
    Interview Transcript


    It has been requested that we include some information on Gundogs on Working Dogs, so here is my first link. If you have others to share, please let us know.
    This site is all about the Italian Spinone (pl. Spinoni), an ancient and versatile gundog breed.
    Italian Spinone Home Page


    Texas A and M has a new Canine Genetics Research site, it is still under construction, however promises to provide some good information
    Canine Genetics Research Site


    The British GSD Standard with the SV stamp on it.
    The Standard


    This paper is for Search and Rescue dog handlers who are trained to, at least, the Advanced First Aid and CPR level.
    K-9 First Aid Paper


    In Working Dogs ongoing effort to provide good veterinary information here are some links for Snakebite Treatment for Dogs
    Snakebite Treatment #1
    Snakebite Treatment #2
    Also an article on Snake Avoidance Training


  • SEIZURE ALERT DOG STORIESA site is devoted to seizure alert and companion dogs. Whether a dog is a certified seizure alert or assistance dog or just a companion dog who provides companionionship and comfort to a person who has epilepsy.
    Seizure Alert and Companion Dog Stories


    The 2000 LV/DVG America National's are 6-22-2000 through 6-25-2000 in Lake Mary, Florida.






    This is the 2nd Largest Event in USA's history with 91 entries in this years event!
    October 20-22 in Madison WI. Here are some Links to the event highlights

    We have implemented a NEW link library in the Working Dogs Community Center!
    This new system allows you to easily submit links for our approval as well as provides us with a way to easily add volumes of topic specific links! So far we have added a large quantity of vet related links, breed standard links and much more..

    We are happy to announce that you can now send ELECTRONIC CARDS from's own Card Server!
    These are full Multimedia Cards with Music and complete control of how it looks including Backgrounds, Borders, over 200 songs to choose from and over 450 photo images to use! And even better, if you want to use your own picture you can! ELECTRONIC CARDS

    The New Working Dogs Forums are online and ready for your use!
    We have many different topics you can participate in as well as places for Dog Rescue organizations to post messages to further help their cause. We also have a special topic for Rescue Organizations to post immediate need placements, the type where a dog needs a home within a short time span.. Other topics include Sports, Protection, Schutzhund, Assistance Dogs, Training and more.
    Click Here to visit our Message Forums

    We have installed a complete Portal system to further enhance your visits to! With this system you have the ability to submit links and articles you feel of interest to the Working Dog Community as well as access many new features as well as the old ones!
    We still have a lot of work to do on the Community Portal, but you can use it now and watch it grow. Part of this system will eventually allow you to integrate Working Dog News into your homepages just like many of the online news providers do, such as does!
    Click Here to visit our Community Portal

    Germany is in the process of enacting specific legislation in an attempt to ban what they have labeled as "all fighting dogs." This list now includes, but is not limited to, American Staffordshire Terriers, Pitbulls and Staffordshire Bull Terriers.
    Perhaps you own a German Shepherd Dog or a Malinois, maybe it's a poodle. Please, do not turn your back. Remember - - your breed could be next. Please help us make the voice of dog lovers heard across the ocean.
    Read More and BE Heard!


  • Trial Handling Tips
    Ann Marie Chaffin Copyright 1995 *Revised January 2000*

    Why are some people good handlers? This question is asked all the time. Some people are more coordinated than others, some do many tasks at once, some people can see mistakes or problems and correct them at any given notice or through training, and some people retain more knowledge. All of these things and more make any one person a good handler. Here are some hints on successful showing. ( Read More...)

  • The Dumbbell Retrieve:
    Ann Marie Chaffin Copyright 2000

    First off, the dumbbell is an incredibly important part to the obedience phase of a schutzhund routine. Out of a 100 point Schutzhund 1 obedience routine, the dumbbell is worth 25 points. In the Schutzhund 2 and 3 it is worth 40 points out of a 100. This just demonstrates the importance of a good dumbbell retrieve. ( Read More...)

  • Happy New Year
    Now, Let's Get Organized
    Shirley Greene 10/25/00

    Happy New Year! I wish you a year filled with good health, loyal friends, great dogs, competitive spirit, safety, fun and prosperity.

    There's nothing like a New Year to offer us a clean slate and a fresh start. Some make New Year's resolutions while others outline business plans. Whatever your style, whatever your line of work, getting organized in 2001 is the first step to reaching your personal and business goals. ( Read More...)

  • Should Your Dog Eat BARF?
    Written by: Jorie Green, Managing Editor -

    These days, people are eating eggs and bacon as a way to lose weight, and shunning white rice as if it’s food of the devil. And who could forget the way we used to diet in the 80s the Grapefruit Diet, the Beverly Hills Diet, the eat-nothing-but-broth-and-then-binge-on-pie diet. (That wasn’t what the diet was called, of course, but it was basically how it was followed.) ( Read More...)

  • Can Dogs Be Trained To Detect Epileptic Seizures? Maybe, Experts Say
    Written by: Jorie Green, Staff Editor -

    Deb Dalziel is a scientific researcher, and like most scientists, she tends to be pretty skeptical of theories that have not been proven conclusively.

    She was intrigued by the popularly held notion that certain dogs have an ability to detect epileptic seizures before the seizures are evident to humans. An animal lover, dog trainer, and former veterinary technician, Ms. Dalziel found it touching, even, to think that dogs could be their owners’ saviors, and that was why she has been investigating the theory for University of Florida’s veterinary program. ( Read More...)

  • A Helping Paw: Guide Dogs Provide the Blind with Vision, Independence, and Love
    Written by: Justin D. Honsch, Staff Writer -

    For years, the visually impaired have relied on guide dogs to be their eyes to the world. To many blind people, however, guide dogs are so much more than that. They are partners, companions, and dear friends they hold close to the heart. ( Read More...)

  • Macadamia Nuts, other Holiday Gifts Pose Serious Health Risks for Animals
    Written by: Kim Thomas, DVM - republished with permission from

    This holiday season, Mary Postel will not be sharing her Christmas presents with her dog, Elvis. ( Read More...)

  • Eight Good Reasons Not to Breed Your Dog
    Written by: Elizabeth L. DeLomba, DVM - republished here permission

    Is your dog so cute you wish you could fill the world with creatures just like her? Many owners feel this way about their pets. Some even see breeding as a way to make some extra money, through the sale of the litter. ( Read More...)

  • Pups with Papers
    Written by: Tracy Vogel, Staff Writer -

    He has papers.

    They say it in the same tone one might say, "He went to Harvard," or "As a hobby, he performs critical emergency brain surgery." And you’re probably duly impressed. ( Read More...)

  • The Problem of Puppy Mills
    Written by: Erin Harty, Staff Writer -

    It’s hard to think about economics, genetics, politics, or pet overpopulation when you’re looking at a soft, wet puppy nose pressed up against the glass in the pet store window. Most likely, the only thought your brain can muster is: "Awww." (Read More...)

  • Truth in Advertising: Not All Nutraceuticals Live Up to Their Claims
    Written by: Elizabeth L. DeLomba, DVM - republished here with permission from

    Everywhere you turn these days, there are advertisements for new products that make amazing claims about how a particular compound or herb will make your pet’s life paradise. Feed your kitty this magic potion, and no more itching for Fluffy! Try this new spray, and your old dog will run like a puppy! This garlic treatment surely will blast away all those fleas... even if it leaves Fido smelling like pizza dough. ( Read More...)

  • Getting a "Used" Dog
    Written by: Tracy Vogel, Staff Writer -

    You could almost compare it to trying to sell a car. New is appealing. Get a few miles on it, and the value drops. Get a lot of miles on it, and the value drops a lot more.

    Except that it’s much easier to find someone who wants an older car than an older dog. Too many options out there. Too many young dogs, too many all-desirable puppies. ( Read More...)

  • The Canine Working Class
    Written by: Erin Harty, Staff Writer -

    For the vast majority of dogs, life is eat, sleep and play. For some, though, work is also a factor of daily life.

    Dogs can have a variety of job descriptions: helping police officers on patrol, keeping a farmer’s sheep or cattle in line, searching out victims of natural disasters, retrieving quarry for hunters, assisting the disabled, and even sniffing out drugs, smuggled goods, and explosives. ( Read More...)

  • How to Keep Fido Free of Winter Flab
    Written by: Jorie Green, Staff Editor -

    Is your pooch getting a paunch?

    If you are like most animal owners living in cold-weather regions, you lost your enthusiasm for brisk, early-morning dog-walking right around the time when the temperatures began to drop. But without exercise, of course, animals as well as humans will gain weight, especially if calorie intake is not modified. ( Read More...)

  • Prepping Your Pet For the Winter Blues
    Written by: Tracy Vogel, Staff Writer -

    As the temperature drops, people begin taking steps to ensure their health and safety over the winter months warmer clothes, careful driving, a medicine cabinet well-stocked with cold remedies.

    The risks rise for everyone as cold sets in, and that includes your pet... although you probably won’t sense that as your cat idly watches from her warm spot at the window while you shovel a foot of concrete-consistency snow off your driveway. ( Read More...)

  • Canine Cuisine
    Written by: Tracy Vogel, Staff Writer -

    Lots of people, at one time or another, have tried it. That doesn’t make them bad, just human.

    Curiosity gets the better of you. You glance around, make sure no one’s looking and take a nibble off the corner of a Milk Bone. ( Read More...)

  • Why Does My Dog Cough? A Simple Question, But the Answer May be Complex
    Written by: Celeste A. Clements, DVM, Diplomate ACVIM -

    What’s that noise your dog is making? Why, it’s a cough, of course. Yet, there may be some situations where the forceful noise produced by the dog is so bizarre that everyone is perplexed, including the veterinarian. ( Read More...)

  • Barking in the Park
    Written by: Erin Harty, Staff Writer -

    It’s a great, big world out there, but if you’re a dog, much of it is off-limits to you. Always attached to that bothersome leash, you never get a chance to sniff even half of the intriguing stuff you’d like to investigate on those all-too-short walks. ( Read More...)

  • When Your Dog or Cat Eats Like a Bird
    Written by: Tracy Vogel, Staff Writer -

    Contrary to pet food commercials, most pets aren’t hugely picky about what they eat.

    Seriously look at what we feed them. Would it barring some kind of dare with a serious monetary stake get anywhere near our mouths? Not likely. ( Read More...)

  • Veterinarians Point to Acupuncture’s Healing Powers
    Written by: Wes Alwan, Staff Writer -

    Needles may be indicated for your animal’s chronic arthritis. A lot of them. ( Read More...)


United Kennel Club has a new Performance Pedigree!

This lists performance production on all 14 ancestors in their 3 generation pedigree as well as coat colors!

AKC Recognizes a new breed!

August 1, 2001 the Polish Lowland Sheepdog will be accepted into the Herding Group. A Judges Guide is being developed for this breed and will be mailed to All-Breed and Herding Group Judges.

Dog Rescue Center in Samui Thailand!

Facing Unique Challenges with the Beach Dogs as well as many other social and cultural issues.
Small contributions could go a long way in helping these folks.
Visit Their Site

German Shepherd Dog Rescue of Houston

German Shepherd Dog Rescue of Houston now has their 501c and a new home page!
With over 24 GSD's in need of homes, be sure to visit them and help if you can.
Visit Their Site


It seems with all the publicity that it gets, people would be more cautious with Antifreeze.
But every year scores of dogs are poisened with it. This article also contains emergency phone numbers.

Medial and lateral patellar luxation

Patellar luxation is usually a congenital condition in which the kneecap, or patella, dislocates outside of its normal trochlear groove. Dislocation, clinically referred to as luxation, can occur on either the medial, or inside surface, or the lateral, or outside surface, of the knee.

Bad Medicine
Written by: Erin Harty, Staff Writer -

The 18th century Venetian adventurer, romancer, and alchemist Giovanni Casanova reportedly said, "In the hands of the wise, poison is medicine. In the hands of a fool, medicine is poison."

And in the hands of a pet owner who isn’t careful, the wrong kind of medicine can have disastrous consequences.

Canine hip dysplasia

A interesting article that has a great illustration of hip replacement.

Difficult to prevent and treat, canine hip dysplasia is among the most studied and the most frustrating diseases in veterinary medicine.

A Love Story
Written by: Tracy Vogel, Staff Writer -

They named him "Pendulum," because he was constantly moving back and forth, back and forth through the house.
He had more energy than it seemed possible for his canine body to contain typical for Australian shepherds, dogs bred to work all day herding sheep or cattle. They are an exuberant breed that thrives on, that needs activity.

Crying Wolf
Written by: Tracy Vogel, Staff Writer -

Like the lion has come to stand for the jungle, the wolf personifies the idea of wilderness.
Wolves allure and repel. People fear them, but love their strength, power and wildness.
But for some, it’s not enough to view these creatures from a distance. You can have more, they say. You can own the wolf or at least a portion of it.


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