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Canine Trauma

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  • Addison's Disease - Dogs and Humans
    Around the first of the year, several weeks ago, my one year old Standard Poodle crashed and was dying. One morning she could hardly get up and walk around. She was very depressed, weak, lethargic, and non-responsive....(Read The Rest)

  • Physical Changes as Our Dog Ages
    I hope we know some of the mental and behavior changes connected with aging as stated last article. In this article we are going to mention some of the physical changes that actually occur in our pet's body that may or may not have behavior change connected....(Read The Rest)

  • Dealing with Aggression in Dogs
    In this article today I am going to write about the most common attitude that gets most dogs Euthanized or given away to another family or to an animal shelter. That is, aggression, and not being able to handle your dog or cat because of this trait....(Read The Rest)

  • Affection Connections - The Animal - Human Bond
    There has been much written on the human-animal bond over the last several years. Finally pets are "getting their due" when it comes to relationships with humans in Nursing Homes, with the sick, old, and disabled, and with just plain home living with their owners...young and old...sick or disabled. Of course, their bond with law enforcement is well known also....(Read The Rest)

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    In support of our Law Enforcement and Search and Rescue visitors and clients we have started a online store where you can compare prices from various vendors as well as purchase items. We also invite the general public to look around as we have gear for about any outdoor activity as well.
  • Free Assistance Dog Training Videos
    We have had many requests for more information on clicker training assistance dogs, so added some of the better training videos we could find, and they are free to view.
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  • Chance's Story about surviving Parvovirus
    by Patti Whitney
    An excellent account of a puppies struggle to survive Parvovirus. It really emphasizes why immunization for this dreaded disease is a must!
  • Free Assistance / Service Dog Training Videos
    by Fred Forrest
    We have had many requests for more information on clicker training assistance dogs, so added some of the better training videos we could find, and they are free to view.
  • Why Service Dogs Should be Clearly Identified
    by Fred Forrest
    I hear about some folks getting challenged with their service dogs when going into public places more than I like. After being a service dog user myself for 20 years, I have to wonder if their dogs are clearly identified as service dogs....
  • Working Dogs Online Videos
    by Fred Forrest
    We have added some pay per view training videos as well as the "Breed All About It" series, pet selection videos and many fun dog related movies and shows. You can preview a few minutes of most to see if you are interested. You can stream them to your PC or Tivo in most cases.
  • Working Dogs K-9 Trauma Kits
    by Fred Forrest
    After receiving feedback from many of our visitors, Working Dogs Outfitter has put together one of the most comprehensive Canine 1st Aid kits for the money.
  • TSA Guidelines for Service Dogs
    by Fred Forrest
    Since 9-11 Airport Security has been greatly increased and it raises questions and concerns for folks with disabilities traveling with their service dogs. Here are the Transportation Security Administrations Guidelines to help ease your travel. I would recommend printing the page and taking it with you when traveling to educate any screeners who might not be aware.
  • More than Any Handler Wants to Know about Teaching the Voraus
    by Ann Marie Chaffin
    An excellent training article that applies to much more than just teaching the Voraus (send out).
  • Record Keeping
    by A. Brice Cavanaugh
    “Records?  We don’t need no stinkin’ Records!” - Anonymous.
    An excellent article about the importance of maintaining accurate records to document strengths and weaknesses of the dogs, to facilitate training a true team rather than simply maintaining records to meet departmental standards. It also covers what should be documented on a daily basis for detection training.

  • Oral Heparin: New Route for Old Drug?
    from Western College of Veterinary Medicine
    An article about the study to ease the medication of dogs and other pets with heparin.
  • Outsmarting the Saboteur
    from Western College of Veterinary Medicine

    If the body is like a well-defended nation, then immune mediated hemolytic anemia is a clever saboteur who has caused a revolt within the country’s army.

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Police dog rescues missing elderly man in Northampton -
wwlp.comPolice dog rescues missing elderly man in Northamptonwwlp.comNORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) ? A State Police dog found an elderly man who disappeared from an assisted living facility in Northampton Wednesday night. According to the Ma...

Police: Dog shot after attacking K9 outside courthouse -
ABC6OnYourSide.comPolice: Dog shot after attacking K9 outside courthouseABC6OnYourSide.comThe owner of the dog, 31-year-old Aaron A. Slate, has been charged with the assault of a police dog. He was taken into custody for outstanding warr...

Loyal police dogs to be recognised with long service medals - Gazette
GazetteLoyal police dogs to be recognised with long service medalsGazetteLONG service medals will be handed out by Essex Police - the difference is this time they are going to the dogs. Essex Police is the first force to design medals fo...

Trainee police dog Vader not destined for the Force - North Wales Pioneer
North Wales PioneerTrainee police dog Vader not destined for the ForceNorth Wales PioneerDESPITE months of being put through his paces - it seems trainee police dog Vader is not destined to learn the ways of the Force. The four legged ap...

Wilbraham police dog Charon out of surgery for herniated disks -
MassLive.comWilbraham police dog Charon out of surgery for herniated disksMassLive.comGRAFTON - The prognosis is good for a Wilbraham police dog that underwent surgery at the Tufts Veterinary Hospital Wednesday night after showing signs ...

Police officer adopts his police dog for $1 - Brunswick News
Brunswick NewsPolice officer adopts his police dog for $1Brunswick NewsPolice dog Edy will spend his retirement with someone he knows very well ? Glynn County Police officer Chris Hatcher, who was Edy's handler while on duty. The Glynn C...

Working dogs in form at trials - Glen Innes Examiner
Glen Innes ExaminerWorking dogs in form at trialsGlen Innes ExaminerMaiden winners. Judge Robert Johnston on far left, then in order of placing going L>R 1 Ethan Davis & "Lass" , 2 Brooke Anderson & "Tara" , 3 Glenn McKay & "Trip", 4 Jen...

'Hero' Retired Police Dog, Maxx, Helps Save Two Kids Trapped In Florida House Fire - The Inquisitr
The Inquisitr'Hero' Retired Police Dog, Maxx, Helps Save Two Kids Trapped In Florida House FireThe InquisitrA family of four is still alive thanks to the actions of their brave neighbors and one very smart German shepherd, named Maxx, wh...

Police dog Gazza to be farewelled in 'small private ceremony' - dog Gazza to be farewelled in 'small private ceremony' dog handler Constable Josh Robertson and Gazza go through their training routine in 2013,. KEVIN STENT/ FAIRFAX NZ. Police dog handler Constable Jo...

On first day, police dog Ace visits his benefactors - Battle Creek Enquirer
Battle Creek EnquirerOn first day, police dog Ace visits his benefactorsBattle Creek EnquirerOn his first day of work, Ace stopped to see the person who helped start his career. The 18-month old Belgian Malinois from the Netherlands bega...

Police: Dog named Earl is in critical condition after near-death beating at Valley River Center - The Register-Guard
The Register-GuardPolice: Dog named Earl is in critical condition after near-death beating at Valley River CenterThe Register-GuardA dog named Earl is in critical condition after being nearly beaten to death in a parked car at Valley Riv...

BPD police dog Archie dies of cancer - Bloomington Pantagraph
Bloomington PantagraphBPD police dog Archie dies of cancerBloomington PantagraphBLOOMINGTON ? A veteran Bloomington police dog once voted the Bloomington Police Department's favorite K-9 unit of all time in an online social media poll, d...


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